In 2009, Casaforte launched the Casaforte Energia Fund, structured as a holding company, Casaforte Energia S.A. (CFE).

CFE is a renewable energy project development company, founded by Casaforte with a team of prominent project developers in the sector.

Through its portfolio of projects CFE generates renewable energy in the State of Santa Catarina and develops projects in the States of Bahia, Goias, Parana, and Santa Catarina. Its engineering team is based in Florianopolis/SC (hydro), Recife/PE and Sobradinho/BA (wind).

CFE owns controlling interests in renewable energy generation projects, which total more than 1 GW:

–  Small hydroelectric projects that total 70,8 MW of installed capacity, with 9.6 MW in operation and 6.5 MW in                 construction;

–  Wind power projects that total more than 1 GW.

Its strategy is to develop and build its project portfolio becoming a large energy generation company in Brazil. In this way, CFE seeks to maximize the value of their combined assets to optimize its investment returns.

Location of Projects

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